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Honesty is gold, and the heart is smooth
Culture is flourishing and progressing together
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  • Address:1st Floor, Building B, No. 5, Yonghe Road, Shangyan, Shiyan, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
  • General manager:Yang Lianming 13510701522
  • Business Unit:Lin Yuansheng 15817256992 
  • Engineering department:Yang Long 15013555463 
  • Fax:0755-81784518
  • Postal code:518108
  • Website:www.enkcxsz.com
  • E-mail:jcx_886@163.com
Honesty is gold, and the heart is smooth,Culture is flourishing and progressing together


· Jin Changxing slogan:

Integrity is gold, the heart is bound to be smooth, the culture is flourishing, and the company is proud of it.

     ·Jin Changxing Mission:

Provide customers with excellent quality and quick response;

Provide employees with a development platform and plan for the future;

Create a win-win and common progress for partners;

     · Jin Changxing spirit:

Respond quickly, unite and collaborate, inspire youth and pursue excellence.

     ·Quick response            

Respond quickly to market demand, seize instant opportunities in a timely manner; continuously absorb successful experiences, break through self-restrictions, and stabilize the industry's leading position.


The division of labor and cooperation, the ability to complement each other, the willingness to be sincere, can create good results, to share the future of the company, break the position of the position, establish a big picture, create brilliant.

     ·Inspire youth

Passionate and youthful, improve the efficiency and vitality of the team; guide people, inspire people, create a happy, positive and healthy working atmosphere; always use their positive energy to stimulate each member of the team to work hard.

     ·The pursuit of excellence

Not only to create quality, but also to achieve excellence, but also a commitment to the customer, the company is always responsible.

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